Total-e Online


Custom Mini Site
We are determined to provide our contracted uniform clients with innovative and convenient ordering avenues, which is why we have provided many of our medium to large clients with a custom online uniform store. This online service has been designed so that individual businesses have complete access to their chosen uniform range online where individuals (employees) or franchise/division management can shop online as they please. Allocation management is also a key tool to the custom online ordering site- if required individual accounts can be set up with a subsidy allocation, therefore enabling employees to monitor their own subsidy  What’s more, this system allows customers to remain up to date by receiving product updates, order history and real time tracking.


Mini Store Demo
To gain access to view our mini store please send an enquiry and we will set you up with login details. 


Integrated Thinker
The core focus of Total Image’s business model is to manage service and cater to businesses of all sizes and structure. Our processes, structures and systems have all been developed with the objective of managing large and small to medium clients (50-150,000 employees).

We have invested heavily in developing our own customised IT system that integrate all aspects of the business.  The integration extends to the warehouse linking stock management, fulfillment and logistics. As a result, providing our clients with real time access to all KPI information, including current and previous orders, stock levels and expense to date. The system ensures control, accuracy & efficiency in inventory control, collateral management, subsidy management, order tracking and processing.