Inventory & Warehousing

Inventory Management – Mix and Match
When putting together a uniform range it is important to consider inventory management, turnaround times and costs. Depending on the size of your business and budget, Total Image will recommend either a stock service uniform range, custom designed range or a mixture of both. By mixing the range it allows for key products to be custom designed and the rest of the products to be coordinated from our stock range, reducing stock levels and overall costs.


Forecasting Tools & SOH Reporting

Total Image currently manages over 2000 individual SKU’s for customers and uses forecasting tools to determine the stock levels required in each SKU. In the past, Total Image has worked with little or no information from clients to forecast stock for launches. Total Image uses forecasting tools based on the client and industry to calculate and review common trends. 

Total Image will provide forecasting and trend reports monthly. The stock on hand report combined with the forecasting report will ensure sufficient stock is ordered or in production at any given time. Being overstocked puts both Total Image and the client in a costly position while being under stocked does not give a good impression of Total Image and leaves our clients without uniforms so it is important the optimum level of inventory is agreed on and maintained.  



Total Image utilizes a full featured warehouse management system that is designed to provide all basic and advanced warehousing features, ensuring the smooth pick and pack of orders and tracking of all deliveries.

The electronic scan and pack system makes it easier to manage and track all orders and is integrated to our online business system which allows for warehousing and stock management solutions to be managed in real time and also customised to assist your company in maintaining the necessary levels of uniform inventory.

Total Image offers its contracted clients warehousing and inventory management as part of our uniform management package. This includes warehousing stock, pick, pack and delivery of orders as well as forecasting stock for production levels. The pick and pack process is completely audited and can be managed in bulk, by location or individually.