Allocation Management

Total Image offers the management of employee allocation on behalf of your company. Having worked with a wide range of clients with various structures and requirements, Total Image can suggest an allocation structure and roll out a plan that best fit your business. There are a number of allocation options your company can implement from product entitlements to subsidy allocations that can be assigned for usage on a fortnightly, monthly or annually basis. Allocations can be set to be used through a specific period or anytime throughout the subsidy period. Most companies have an allocation period where new allocations are given annually or this can be done on anniversary date specific to each employee.

Online Management Access
Total Image is able to manage subsidies for each individual employee with authorisation from head office. Alternatively, management can be given access to approve and change subsidy requests for employees.

Employee Access
Employees can login online and access to their own subsidy account online and monitor their ordering and subsidy use.