Account Management & Reporting

Our account management team take on accounts relevant to their specified industry. The account manager chosen is resourceful and experienced in this field and thrives to provide their customers with the best personalised service possible. 

Meeting Reviews 
Depending on our client’s requirements, a scheduled review is set in place to provide feedback and monthly reporting, this can be done in person or via email.
The main purpose of the review is to assess the KPI’s and ensure the account is running smoothly.

Just add content reporting
Our business is your business. Total Image understands the benefits of relevant reporting and having information that is precise and up to date. Our integrated system allows for flexibility in determining the type of reporting that can be generated and when it is captured, all that is required is the content. Reports can be generated for the overall company, by divisions, by regions or by employee and can be scheduled to be sent on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly or ad hoc basis.

Type of Reports
The types of reports available include:

  • KPI Reporting-(Subject to the KPI’s set- %)
  • Stock Reports - By Product SKU- No. Of products purchased
  • Sales Reports - By Region, Division, Individual, By Product- ($ value)
  • Marketing Response Rates- Response to promotions, Trends in marketing v sales       
  • Delivery/Turnaround Time- of orders delivered on time, Backorders 
  • Cases/ Exchanges- Exchanges– By Reason/ response rate
  • Complaints/Enquiries – Case report including date,response time and solution.