Production Process

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The best factories and suppliers are sourced based on the requirements of each individual job.

A careful selection criteria are used to guide the choice of factories. All factories must adhere to Total Image Group Ethical Responsibility and Environmental Policy.

Development of fabric

Once the designs have been confirmed, Total Image will start fabric production. This is when the fabric is milled to client specifications and not using stock fabrics.

At this time a sample fabric (handloom) will be produced, this generally takes 2 weeks.

Once the handloom is received, it is checked against the original design for approval.

Pattern Making/ Grading

This step occurs at the same time as the fabric development stage. Based on the design concepts, patterns are cut and graded.

A fit sample is produced, this process also can take up to 2 weeks.

One the fit sample is received, it is checked and tested for approval.

Checks and Testing

ITS tests are performed on various aspects of the product. These tests are subject to the type of product, most commonly the below are tested:       

  1. Colour fastness to light 
  2. Colour fastness to rubbing
  3. Colour fastness to wash 
  4. Tear strength 
  5. Seam Slippage 
  6. Pilling 

Total Image has set a high level of testing to ensure that a superior product is created every time. Clients can be provided with these reports upon request. Total Image will also test Hi Vis standards when required. 


Once the fabric and fit samples are approved - bulk production can commence.

i. Bulk Fabric production - this can take up to 60 days depending on the type of fabric

ii. CMT- This is the actual production of the garments. Depending on the type of garment this can take up to 30 days.

Shipping and Delivery

In most cases, clients opt sea freight this can take 22-30 days.
Another option is air freight which is quicker 7-10 days, but will incur additional charges.


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