Ethical Sourcing Policy

Total Image Group is committed to providing its customers with quality products that are ethically produced. We do this by ensuring our suppliers and manufacturers across the globe uphold the highest ethical labour standards, human rights, fair working conditions and environment protection. We recognise our corporate and social responsibilities reside as much in our supply chain as in our own activities.

We continually seek to ensure that the products and services we source is ethically produced. Suppliers who respect, comply with or interpret at the organizational level relevant laws, regulations, treaties, covenants or other agreements are preferred. We look for suppliers that demonstrate a commitment to implementing policies and practices consistent with and complementary to, our own.

Compliance with our Ethical Sourcing Policy


Total Image Group expects its suppliers and manufacturers to comply with all aspects of this Policy as well as maintaining adequate records of all aspects of the ethical standards set out in this Policy.

Total Image Group monitors the compliance with this Policy by visiting supplier and manufacturer factories or facilities and carrying out an audit.

Ethical Standards

In the event that suppliers/manufactures are unable to demonstrate a commitment to the Total Image Group Ethical Sourcing Policy, Total Image Group reserves the right to terminate the trading agreement.

Total Image has a strict criteria for Ethical Standards relating to:

- Legal Requirements

- Involuntary Labour

- Child Labour

- Working Conditions

- Wages and Benefits

- Discrimination

- Environment

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