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History in China

Total Image Group parent company TradeBond has been working in the China market for over 30 years. During this time the company has built strong relationships with China’s most successful fabric mills and established long term arrangements with shirt and suit factories, accessories suppliers and shipping companies.

Total Image Group China office is located in Qingdao, in the Shandong province, approximately one and a half hours by plane north of Shanghai. Qingdao is a renowned textile and garment centre and is China’s third largest port. 

TIG China Team

We have a fully specialised team employed in China that we work with on a daily basis.

This team is made up with an operations manager, production coordinator, QC managers and uniform designers.


Total Image has a team of quality control employees that supervise the entire manufacturing process from start to finish. QC managers inspect garments throughout the manufacturing, sewing and packaging process to ensure that specifications are met. When required our QC team is able to provide testing reports for all production for a full analysis of quality control.

Quality Control

Our China factories are all certified in quality control. They have qualifications in: ISO 9001:2000 (Quality Management Systems Certifications) and ISO 14001:1996 (Environmental Management Systems Certification). 

All fabrics are put through ITS (Shanghai) to ensure that all standards are met.

Tests include:          

-           Colour fastness to light
-           Colour fastness to rubbing  
-           Colour fastness to wash
-           Tear strength          
-           Seam Slippage        
-           Pilling 

All garments are manufactured to a prepared specification which is either nominated by or approved by each customer. Total Image provides its customers with a pre-production fabric (handloom sample) for approval prior to shipment. 



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