The Design Process

It's more then just pretty colours 



Before we present concepts, Total Image ensures we have an understanding of your business, especially the divisions within your company, various job roles and the working environment (décor, colour schemes and climate).

Our Range Development Program (RDP) involves our client’s interaction throughout the whole process.

Three Key Stages of our RDP- 

1. Need Identification

Total Image offers a full range design and development service- bringing you the latest designs and fabrics for your industry. Our designs will be based on the findings conducted in the research that is undertaken. 

To start, Total Image will work with you to set out range objectives and the overall aim of the project. These objectives will map out the duration of the uniform program and key dates that need to be met and achieved. 


2. Research Brief

The range development process involves extensive research of your employees and the working environment to ensure the creation of a corporate wardrobe that complements the purpose and individuality of your business. In order to generate a better understanding of your business practices various areas will be assessed. This is done to ensure the total implementation of the design of the uniform (fabric, fit, colour, style) is suited to the working environment '


-       Work Environment
-       Demographic of Employees
-       Brand Assessment
-       Uniform History

3. Range Design Elements

Once the research brief is completed, then the design process begins. The design process will be divided into three main phases covering three main aspects of the uniform and keeping in mind the results from the research.

Total Image will work through various colour options available keeping in mind the main colour needs to be:

- Flattering to all skin tones and body shapes
- Consistent with the branding
- Stand out with the layout/décor of the stores

Total Image will recommend options in terms of fabric. Fabric selection is subject to staff roles, responsibilities and the geographic locations of our client’s offices taking into consideration climate and location specifics. i.e Regional vs Metro preferences in fabrics can

Fit & Styling
Over the years, Total Image has developed signature fits and styles.
The fits are recommended depending on the demographic, job role and industry.

Range Planning
Depending on the range requirement an option can be that the range is made up of off the shelf products and a customised feature product and accessories to ensure the uniform is unique to the brand.



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