Hospitality uniforms taking a new turn

More and more bars, cafes and restaurants in Sydney and Melbourne are becoming trendy catwalks. Owners are putting more thought into staff uniforms and fitting their crew in fashion forward uniforms. Instead of being in the background they are front of house, customer facing and representing.

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Inspiring hospitality uniforms | Total Image Group

Design hospitality uniforms to inspire your staff and your customers with Total Image Group's new range of restaurant aprons, work shirts and accessories.

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Must have HEALTHCARE tops

The healthcare working environment is very practical. Employees in the service sector are subject to long working hours and physical activities involved in the constant care of patients. This raises the important question of being comfortable and confident whilst at work.

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What to Wear to a Job Interview Ladies

Are you looking to strike the right chord at your next corporate interview? The job market is changing and whilst you may have a striking resume, showing up looking right for the position not only gives you more confidence but leaves an impression which may ultimately set you apart from your components.

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The Perfect Pant

Meet Eve, Stella and Kate, the classic black work pants designed to fit and flatter three common body shapes in all the right places. We can give you four good reasons as to why you should choose this new perfect pant.

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