Ways to implement a uniform across a franchise network

Why is it important to have a set uniform across your franchises? What should you consider when choosing a uniform and should you be funding the uniform?

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How are uniforms packaged? | Total Image Group

How are uniforms packaged? | Total Image Group

Ever wondered how your work uniforms arrive so neatly folded? Find out how your corporate clothing gets from our uniform store to your business.

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How to dress corporate in summer | Total Image Group

Worried about summer work clothes? Find out how to keep your cool while still dressing appropriately for the office in comfortable summer outfits.

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Indent Orders

Indent Orders

Indent orders are orders that are placed for products produced offshore. It generally is for a large quantity of standard or custom made products manufactured overseas and due to the higher volumes, the price per unit is lower.

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Hospitality uniforms taking a new turn

More and more bars, cafes and restaurants in Sydney and Melbourne are becoming trendy catwalks. Owners are putting more thought into staff uniforms and fitting their crew in fashion forward uniforms. Instead of being in the background they are front of house, customer facing and representing.

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