2014 World Cup Uniforms

The 2014 World Cup in Brazil is nearing closer and whilst the game is important, it’s all about the soccer jersey and as the soccer tradition goes, at the end of the match players exchange their shirts with their opposing players.

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Your custom design polos in 5 easy steps!

Our quality custom polo shirts are great for any occasion whether it is a corporate event, golf day or if you’re looking to mix business with pleasure and create your new casual Friday polo. With our simple 5 step process we’ll make your custom polo experience efficient and cost effective.

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Tips on Café, Bar or Restaurant Uniforms

Are you somebody who goes out to a restaurant and bar and appreciates a clean and tidy uniform when you are being served? Well, I think it is safe to say most of us do as there is nothing more pleasing than being served your food or drink by a presentable waitress or bar tender.

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The New Work wear Range has Erupted!

Work wear uniforms play a vital role in the safety of an employee in the workplace. In recent years, there has been greater focus on the importance of providing safety compliant hard wearing work wear.

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Did you know Hi Vis work wear standards have changed ?

The new Hi Vis wear standards have recently been altered and many of you may not be aware of these changes. Total Image aims to keep employees safe at all times and minimise risk, by recommending products that meet our client’s specifications.

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