How to reflect your brand through uniforms

 Uniforms have many benefits for businesses across all industries, but one of the biggest is that they help to promote your brand.

When a customer sees a member of your team wearing your uniform, they should instantly associate them with your business and the values that go with it. You can strengthen these connections by making sure your corporate uniform reflects your brand as closely as possible.

Use your brand colours

You have to decide on uniform colours anyway, so why not go with your established brand colours? A study by the University of Loyola in Maryland, USA found that colour increases brand recognition by up to 80 percent.

If your company is associated with the colours red and white, for example, it's a no-brainer to design uniforms that follow this same colour scheme. This works well in many customer-facing businesses, such as airlines and branded car dealerships, helping customers to immediately pick out your staff among the crowds. But in other cases, it's not always so straightforward.

Some colours may look great on your logo and promotional merchandise, but they don't translate so well to clothing. This is because colours have deep psychological associations and may not create the right mood or put across the message you want. In some occupations, such as healthcare, patients rely on colour coordination to identify different types of staff, so you'll need to think about uniform colours more carefully.

Choose appropriate styles

It's not only the colour of uniforms that reflect your brand, but also their style. In a more casual environment, such as a fast food restaurant or supermarket, branded polos can help your customers feel at ease around your staff. For a bank or insurance firm, something more austere and professional is required.

Certain occupations need to prioritise safety over appearance when it comes to uniforms, such as those worn by automotive technicians or construction workers, but there are still opportunities to make your brand's presence felt.

Add your logo

If you want to go beyond colours, why not add an embroidered logo? Seeing your actual logo reproduced on clothing will leave no doubt in the customer's mind that they're dealing with a representative from your business. Adding your logo can also help ensure that your uniforms are tax-deductible.

There are different options for adding your logo to uniforms, depending on the types of items, the materials they're made from and the effects you want to achieve. These include:

  • Embroidery – machine-stitched logos, ideal for shirts and bottoms, polo shirts, caps and other high quality fabrics.
  • Screen printing – ink-based printing suitable for a wider range of clothing and textiles.
  • Sublimation printing – a dye transfer method mainly used for cycling and sports wear

Beyond your logo, you can also add embroidered or printed slogans, images or staff names as an alternative to name badges.

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