Top 10 uniform trends for 2017

Whether you run an office, a warehouse or a fast food restaurant, you need to make sure your staff feel comfortable in their workwear. While you shouldn't jump on every trend that comes along, taking a look at how business uniforms are changing in 2017 should give you inspiration for your own designs.

  1. Casual corporate

Dress codes are dressing down across Australia. That doesn't mean employees can show up to work looking scruffy and unprofessional, but it does mean your corporate uniforms should be flexible.

For men, this can be as simple as ditching the suit jacket while keeping the tie. Women can mix and match smart and casual items to strike the right balance, such as jeans paired with heels and a smart shirt or blouse.

  1. Tops, not shirts

Shirts will always be a staple of the office, but more staff are choosing to wear polos and other smart casual shirts, especially in the warmer months. If you work in the health industry, flexible scrubs are most people's preference over tunics.

  1. Versatile denim

It used to be a strict no-no, but timeless denim has crept its way into corporate settings and is now here to stay. Retail is dominated by denim, and fitted jeans are now an alternative to formal pants in many office dress codes.

      4.Reworked chambray

Light, soft and stylish chambray is even more flexible than denim. This woven fabric is a favourite for button-up shirts and blouses as well as skirts, giving corporate uniforms a more textured and casual finish.

  1. Tailored chic

If your dress code doesn't stretch to jeans, chinos are the perfect middle ground between formal pants and denim. They're also available in a wider variety of colours, helping employees to personalise their looks.

  1. Utility shirts

The utilitarian look can be sophisticated too. With features such as patch pockets and oversized poppers and eyelets, utility shirts add drama to hospitality and retail uniforms.

  1. Statement aprons

Dress codes are relaxing even in high-end restaurants, and your front-of-house and kitchen uniforms should reflect what your customers are wearing. Waist aprons over a shirt and jeans complete the smart-casual look, while denim aprons are the perfect fit for cafes.

  1. Athletic wear

Hooded tops and jogging pants aren't suitable for many offices, but loosening up your dress code to allow some athletic wear could encourage your staff to keep fit and stay healthy.

  1. Minimal accessories

Showy jewellery should be avoided in all work settings. If it makes a noise when you move, you're wearing too much. For men, a quality watch is the only accessory you need, while women can make subtle impressions with earrings.

  1. Black and white

Unless your uniform colours reflect your branding, black, white and grey are safe options for a corporate setting that never go out of style. Lightening up to blue suiting or pinstripes keeps your dress code from being too restrictive, but bold colours can draw attention in the wrong way.

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