Retail uniforms help your customers, your staff and your bottom line

Whether you run a supermarket, a franchise store or a bottle shop, a good retail uniform is an indispensable business asset. If you're introducing a uniform for the first time, or you're giving your current one an overdue update, it can pay to remind yourself why workwear is so important. That way, you can make sure your new design ticks all the boxes.


Uniforms help your customers
The easier you make the shopping experience for your customers, the happier they'll be. Retail uniforms play a part in that, with familiar colours and designs making it instantly obvious who your staff are, and where they should direct their enquiries. A smart uniform also makes your company look more professional, which helps your customers feel more confident about their purchases. These employees also tend to be viewed as more competent and informed about your business than those wearing everyday clothing.

This psychology works both ways. Wearing your uniform can also help your staff to feel more confident and authoritative, making sure they offer the best possible service.


Uniforms help your employees
There's a common misconception that people don't like to wear uniforms to work. In fact, many employees are happy to be spared making the decision over what to wear every day of the week. Especially when their work clothing looks good, and even more if you're the one paying for it.

Workwear designed for safety has obvious benefits, protecting your workers from all the possible hazards they might encounter during the course of their shifts. But even a regular sales uniform has advantages for the people wearing it. Staff who wear the same or similar uniforms find it easier to work together, as they feel more like part of a team: your team. They're more likely to take pride in their work and to feel close to your brand, which builds loyalty and improves productivity.


Uniforms help your business
Satisfied customers and happy employees are great for business. When your customers recognise your uniforms and develop positive associations with your branding, they could remain loyal for life. This can be especially useful if you're growing a franchise in multiple locations. When your workers feel similar loyalty and pride wearing your uniform, they can become brand ambassadors. They'll be happy to spread the word among their circle of friends, on social media, even when they walk down the street in your company colours.

As well as boosting your image, uniforms have practical benefits for your business too. Your employees are easy to identify by sight, so you can see right away if someone's in an area they shouldn't be. Providing uniforms and equipment that meet Australian Standards for safety also keeps your staff as safe as possible and helps you avoid lawsuits.


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