How to save money on your work uniforms

Introducing a uniform into your business is an investment that's been proven to yield great returns, by boosting your brand image, staff productivity and customer satisfaction. But however effective your uniform is, you'll naturally want to save money whenever possible. Follow these tips to cost-effective corporate uniforms that don't compromise on quality.


Buying is cheaper than renting

Some companies choose to rent rather than buy uniforms, which can be convenient if you only need these uniforms for a specified amount of time or you want to take advantage of services the rental company offers, such as laundering.

However, the cost of all these services and fees adds up over time to make rented uniforms between 40 and 57 percent more expensive than buying your workwear up-front. You'll also have a more limited range of options to choose from and won't be free to customise items in the same way.


Choose uniforms that will last

Like any other clothing, you get what you pay for with work uniforms. While high quality fabrics cost more, they'll also last much longer than cheaper options. They'll be more resistant to fading, wear and tear and frequent washing, to keep them looking their best for as long as you need them to.

When you invest in the best quality workwear your budget allows, you might not have to buy replacements for years to come, which saves money in the long run.

Make sure your uniforms are tax deductible

One of the many benefits of corporate uniforms is that they're tax deductible – as long as they meet the current Australian requirements.

Your uniform supplier will make sure that your logo and branding is the right size and colour to allow you to claim back your uniform expenses. They can also help you save money by choosing a lower stitch count for embroidery or the most economical print run size for screen printing.

Use indent orders for large quantities

If you need to buy uniforms in bulk, and you don't need them too urgently, you could save up to 50 percent with indent ordering. This involves the garments being manufactured overseas, enabling you to benefit from cheaper production, printing, embroidery and packaging to drive down the cost per unit considerably.

The downside of indent orders is that your uniforms will take longer to get to you than if they were made in Australia – typically 8 to 12 weeks when delivered by sea freight or 4 to 6 weeks by air freight. There's also usually a minimum volume requirement that can be higher than smaller companies are likely to need.

You should check that your uniform supplier operates their own factories overseas rather than dealing with a third party, to ensure consistent quality is maintained and that you'll be involved in the design process every step of the way.

Find out more about indent orders.

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