How to look great in scrubs

Scrubs are some of the comfiest work uniforms around, but comfort doesn't have to mean sacrificing style.If the dress code at your health organisation gives you the freedom to get creative, or you're looking for ideas for your new health uniform range, follow these simple tips to design scrubs that look as good as they feel.

  1. Get the perfect fit

Scrubs are supposed to be flexible, not baggy. Still, there are many men and women working in healthcare environments whose uniforms look too loose or too close-fitting. Scrub pants and sleeves are also sometimes overlong, causing tripping hazards and attracting stains. Rather than taking a guess off the peg, take your measurements so you can order items that are just right. You'll feel more comfortable and more confident in a set of perfectly fitted scrubs.

  1. Flatter your body type

It's not just the fit of your scrubs that can enhance your assets, but also their cut and style. Choose open collars or V-necks if you're wider at the top than at the bottom, or favour longer scrub tops and avoid wide pants if you want to narrow your hips. Ruffled and smock tops can work wonders for a slimmer figure

  1. Insist on quality materials

You should always buy the best quality health uniforms your budget allows. Not only will they last longer, saving you the cost and hassle of ordering replacements, but they'll usually be more resistant to stains and wrinkles than cheaper options, making it easier to look your best.

  1. Choose harmonious colours

If you're not limited in your colour options, look for scrubs that match your skin tone and mix or match scrub tops and pants for different effects. If you prefer prints, it's a good idea to set off a printed top with solid coloured scrub pants, or vice versa.

  1. Plan for stains

Stains and spills, there's just no avoiding them in this job – but you can lessen their impact by choosing scrubs wisely. Darker colours and prints don't show stains as much as lighter colours do, or you could throw on a scrub jacket for extra protection.

  1. Don't forget your hair

Short or long, your hairstyle completes your image and is one of the easiest ways to personalise your look, especially if a dress code limits what you can do with the uniform itself. If you have long hair, or it needs protecting at certain times, choose a scrub cap that complements your outfit.

  1. Add personal touches

You need to take care when choosing appropriate accessories for a healthcare environment. These shouldn't include anything too sharp or dangling that can be grabbed or get caught. Subtle jewellery such as a watch or earrings can be the perfect finishing touch, or you can have your health uniform embroidered with your name rather than using a nametag.

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