How to introduce office uniforms smoothly


Business uniforms don't only benefit employers. They have plenty of advantages for employees too, and making sure your team understands these benefits can be a big help if you're introducing a uniform or dress code for the first time.When you let your staff have input into your uniform design, choose items they'll be happy to wear and still give them the flexibility to express themselves, you'll have a happy team of brand ambassadors.


Explain why your uniform is important

Even if some people on your team aren't thrilled by the prospect of a uniform, they'll be more willing to accept it if they understand why it's being implemented. That first means having a clear understanding yourself of what you want your business uniform to achieve.

 This also means setting clear guidelines on what is and isn't acceptable. Make sure the details of your dress code are easily accessible and that everyone knows where to look.

Ask your team what they think

Unless you already have a clear idea of what your corporate uniform will be, discussing it with your staff could help you to design and select a uniform range that they'll be happy to wear while also suiting your brand. This also lets you show your employees that their opinions are valued.

If workwear will be customised for different departments, make sure you speak to people from these teams in case there are specific concerns.

Make it fashionable

Business uniforms don't have to be boring. Your staff may be hesitant to embrace a dress code because they think this means cramping their style, but you can set their minds at ease by choosing a uniform supplier that prioritises fashion as well as function.

Show them examples from the supplier's catalogue and arrange a fitting service to let every one of your employees try before they buy.

Let them express themselves

Uniforms are designed to have a consistent look, making sure every member of your team is easily identifiable and associated with your brand. However, that doesn't always have to mean dressing all of your staff in exactly the same outfit.

Depending on the industry you're in and the types of roles your employees have, you can choose to give your staff flexibility in personalising or accessorising their workwear. Make sure these limits are clearly spelled out in your dress code policy.


Make sure it doesn't discriminate

When you have a large and diverse team, not everyone is going to be equally happy in their uniform, but you at least need to make sure that it won't cause discomfort or offence.

By law, employees must be allowed to wear religious apparel unless there's a good reason for not doing so, such as health and safety. You should also make sure that you get the opinions of men and women before introducing your uniform.

Make your uniforms easy to order

If you want your staff to buy their own uniforms, you can make this as simple as possible by working with your uniform supplier to set up a custom uniform website.

Total Image Group designs custom mini sites for businesses of all sizes, where employees or franchise members can purchase uniforms from your range. Users can also track their orders and monitor their uniform subsidies.

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