How to keep your chef uniforms in perfect condition

Kitchens are messy environments, and stains and spills will happen. Keep this in mind when choosing hospitality uniforms that are easy to keep clean and will keep your chefs and kitchen staff safe and looking their best.

 Here are some foolproof solutions to keeping your chef uniforms gleaming white and stain-free.


Choose quality uniforms

Like any items of clothing, you get what you pay for with hospitality uniforms. Buying cheap apparel may seem cost-effective, but your kitchen staff and your image will suffer if it's not up to standard. Higher quality uniforms are made from more durable materials that are more resistant to stains and stand up to wear and tear. They're also generally easier to clean, and less likely to fade in the wash.


Act fast on stains

The sooner you get to work on a fresh stain, the more success you're likely to have. Club soda is a quick fix for most food and drink stains when it's applied promptly.

If you have the chance to launder the item, you should first apply a stain remover or liquid detergent to the stain, scrubbing firmly and leaving it to do its work for 15 minutes before putting the item through the wash. If the stain still hasn't come out after laundering, repeat the process until it has. Don't use the dryer until the stain has completely lifted.

Separate whites and colours

Not all chef uniforms are white, but many establishments favour this classic colour. Unfortunately, this makes caring for them especially challenging, with whites being the easiest items to stain and discolour. You can minimise this risk by always washing your whites and colours separately and following the manufacturer's care instructions to the letter. Give your whites the warmest wash recommended on the label and don't skimp on the detergent!


Keep your whites white

Even if you follow care instructions to the letter, white chef garments may start to dull over time. You can restore lost whiteness by adding one cup of oxygen-based bleach to a sink of warm water and soaking the item for 24 hours. Then put it through the washing machine, using a strong detergent and adding a cup of white or distilled vinegar to the rinse cycle. Avoid using chlorine-based bleaches, as these can increase yellowing.


Avoid unnecessary exposure

Keeping you kitchen uniforms strictly for the kitchen will prevent them coming into contact with other sources of stains and fumes that could be unhygienic. If your chefs need to head out on errands, encourage them to change back into their everyday clothes or to throw on an old apron instead.


Store uniforms with care

 How you store your hospitality uniforms also affects their lifespan. Hanging items or storing them in garment bags will keep them free from creases and from the dirt that can accumulate when they're dropped on the floor.


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