Make sure your health uniforms are built to last

Health uniforms are important for more than just identifying your team. Whether you're in a hospital, dental clinic or aged care centre, workwear has a number of roles: it maintains hygiene, gives your staff the freedom they need to perform their jobs, and helps them to stay comfortable all through those long shifts. When you're choosing nurse tunics, scrubs and other items, you need to make sure they're up to the tasks demanded of them. That's why we've put together this short guide to help you choose health uniforms that won't let you down.


How much should I spend?
Like any investment in your business, you should aim to buy the best uniforms you can afford.
Cheap scrubs may do the job, but they don't offer the benefits that high quality products do, and your staff won't look or feel as good wearing them. Lower quality clothing also doesn't tend to last as long, so you might need to buy your uniforms again before too long. When you invest in good quality healthcare uniforms, they'll usually last longer, improve safety for your staff and your patients, and lead to a happier, more productive and more presentable team.

What materials should I choose?
Before you think about style, you need to choose the right fabrics. Scrubs made from cotton-polyester blends or polyester with spandex poplin are lightweight, flexible and breathable, keeping your staff comfortable and giving them the flexibility they need to reach and stretch.

You can also look for advanced fabrics designed to minimise the spread of bacteria, such as Advatex uniforms. This advanced fabric is coated in a microscopic silver compound that's been proven to control common bacteria strains to between 80% and 90% effectiveness, even after multiple washes.


Does style matter?
The design of your health uniforms affects their lifespan more than you might think, so you need to choose your colour scheme with care.
Bright colours such as white and pale blues and greens have strong associations with the health industry, but they also show up stains a lot more easily than darker colours. Look for stain-resistant fabrics or go with a darker colour so that a small spill won't be the end of the world. You should also pay attention to your staff's preferences when choosing modern uniforms designed with fashion in mind. Choose timeless style over the latest trends so your uniforms won't look dated before their time.


How can I make my health uniforms last?
Even if you've bought the best quality scrubs, proper maintenance is needed to prolong their life as much as possible, especially as they need be washed before every shift. If your staff are responsible for washing their own uniforms, make sure they know to follow the manufacturer's instructions, to prevent fading, remove stains and keep them looking great.

You should wash your health uniforms before you wear them for the first time. Rinse them in cold water and consider adding half a cup of vinegar to keep the fabric dye from running. It's also best to let them air dry rather than using a dryer, to prevent shrinking and damage. Advatex scrubs only require a low temperature wash, which helps to save energy.


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