Should your corporate uniform be flexible?

One of the purposes of introducing a uniform is to make sure your staff dress appropriately for your business, whether that means following the office dress code, wearing your brand colours or a fully branded uniform. But it doesn't have to mean giving up their individuality. 

Giving your employees the opportunity to express themselves with flexible corporate uniforms or optional accessories can be great for morale, as long as everyone's clear about the dress code.

Why are dress codes important?
There are lots of good reasons to introduce a set uniform at your workplace.

If your staff deal with customers, clients or business partners, they're representing your brand and need to look presentable and professional. Even if they only interact with fellow colleagues, wearing a uniform to work has been proven to improve productivity and loyalty, as workers feel more like part of a team. 

Establishing a dress code makes it clear what is and isn't acceptable for your employees to wear. If you're introducing it for the first time, you might expect some grumbles – you just need to find ways to help your staff be themselves while being part of the team.


What kind of business are you?

If you work in an industry where uniforms have clearly defined practical and safety benefits – such as Personal Protective Equipment at construction sites or hygienic medical scrubs and catering uniforms – there are fewer opportunities for workers to customise their looks.

If you employ people in customer-facing roles – such as sales staff or beauty therapists – you'll have to decide how much personalisation is acceptable when your brand is being represented. The rules may be a little more relaxed for staff working behind-the-scenes.

In an office environment, you can choose where your corporate uniform lies along the smart-casual scale. Generally, the more casual the dress code, the less your staff will be inclined to follow it, unless they understand the penalties and all types of clothing that aren't permitted.


What do your staff think?
If you want to make sure your employees are happy with your corporate uniform, the only way to know is to ask them. You might be surprised by the answers.
For many people, being told what to wear to work every day means one less thing to worry about in the morning. Most people are happy to fit in, and appreciate the equalising effect uniforms have for toning down big personalities and reminding teams from different departments that they're all working towards the same goal.
At the same time, showing that you respect their individuality by allowing some flexibility should be warmly received, even if that only extends to jewellery, piercings and a few extra garments.
If you prefer to keep your uniform 'uniform,' without personal touches, you can ask your staff for their input to come up with a uniform they'll actually want to wear. Design a broader uniform range with a number of fashion-focused options, and your team can change things up with the seasons or as their mood takes them.


Start designing your custom uniform range
When you create your corporate uniform with Total Image Group, we'll help you choose from a wide selection of tops, pants, outerwear and accessories to give your team all the freedom they need. 

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