Dan Murphy's New Preferred Dress – Styled by TIG

Australia's favourite liquor store has a brand new look, courtesy of the design team at Total Image Group.

Dan Murphy's new preferred dress range for 2017 is being rolled out to over 200 stores all over Australia. More than 4,900 employees are trading in their familiar green and taupe wardrobe for rich purple in fashion-forward fabrics and designs.

TIG designed these new outfits to appeal to Dan Murphy's customers and to the staff wearing them, balancing style and comfort in a bold new approach that throws the old rules out of the window.

Designing on-trend apparel

The motivation behind Dan Murphy's new look was a desire to update the old polo and shirt designs they'd used for several years to something more contemporary and stylish that suited their brand values. To achieve this, Total Image Group's design experts decided to start from scratch rather than adapt the existing wardrobe, taking a new approach in every area – from colours to materials.

The new shirt is made from 100% cotton with a fashionable denim look that's easy to care for. The new polo is made from a lightweight polyester-cotton melange that combines the durability of polyester with the breathability of cotton, helping employees to stay comfortable all through their shift.

 The range also includes relaxed chinos for effortless style and a bomber-style jacket, ideal for the cooler months of the year.

 Reimagining brand colours

The most radical departure in the new preferred dress range is the move away from the established brand colours of green and taupe – which were the basis of the former design – to purple.

Purple already had a subtle but significant presence in the Dan Murphy's brand colour palette: as the colour of the 'action' buttons on the Dan Murphy's website that online customers can use to add items to their cart and proceed to checkout. TIG recognised that Dan Murphy's employees embody this same key role in-store, and based the new clothing range around this powerful colour.

Purple also has relevant associations for the liquor industry, being the colour of many red grapes and bottled wines that customers can browse in Dan Murphy's extensive selection. 

Who are Total Image Group?

Total Image Group dresses over a quarter of a million Australian workers every day across all industries. They've helped many of the country's leading brands to transform their look and their employee and customer experience through fashion-focused apparel.

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