Total Image Group dresses 27,000 taxi drivers in custom 13CABS uniforms

Uniform supplier Total Image Group has designed custom driver uniforms for 13CABS, Australia's largest taxi network.

For the first time, all 27,000 drivers nationwide will wear the same outfit, presenting a more professional image to customers and helping to establish the 13CABS brand identity.

The 13CABS uniform range

These tailored uniforms were designed to give 13CABS a more professional, consistent look across its entire fleet, while still giving each driver the freedom to express their personality.

The full uniform range includes:

  • a custom-made black and white check shirt
  • branded trousers and shorts
  • branded outerwear options
  • accessories such as belts, a cap and a beanie.

The shirt, jacket and hats all feature the 13CABS logo, helping customers to identify drivers immediately when they arrive. Total Image Group worked with 13CABS to design the custom-made uniform shirt, the aim was to design a shirt that was contemporary and appealing to the driver demographic.

Designing driver-friendly uniforms

Workwear isn't only for the benefit of customers and brands – it also needs to be designed with the wearer's comfort and convenience in mind.

Total Image Group used cotton and polyester blend fabrics to provide easy-care, breathable shirts, bottoms and jackets, ideal for busy shift workers. Every item was designed to be comfortable to wear during a long shift, with flexible accessories helping drivers to keep warm in colder temperatures and to express their individuality while always representing the 13CABS brand.

Boosting brand recognition through uniforms

13CABS is Australia's most popular taxi booking app, providing door-to-door transport, airport transfers, parcel delivery and other services in five major cities. The 13CABS brand has already become a household name through marketing campaigns and word-of-mouth, and is now building on this recognition with branded uniforms. By encouraging all drivers across its fleet network to wear the same uniform, 13CABS is strengthening the perception of a professional and unified brand. Whether a customer books a taxi in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide or Newcastle, they can feel confident that they'll receive the same high quality of service.


Who are Total Image Group?
Total Image Group supplies uniforms to many of Australia's biggest brands, dressing over 250,000 employees every day. It was founded on the principle that corporate uniforms should not only be practical, but also fashionable and inspiring. 

As well as helping companies across all industries to enhance their image through uniforms, Total Image Group is the official formalwear supplier for the Australian Olympic team at the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics.

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