Office wear ideas for women

If you thought dressing for a night out was a challenge, choosing your work wardrobe can be an even more daunting prospect – unless you know the rules to follow.

Women's office wear should help you to fit in with your colleagues, but not look boring. It can be professional, but not austere. Casual, but not untidy. Feminine, but not provocative. Your jewellery and accessories should be eye-catching, but not showy.

If that feels like too much to take in, don't worry – our corporate uniform range at Total Image Group includes a huge selection of items designed to fit in at any workplace. We'll help you to look your best and feel confident in your office wear.

Make a statement

Whatever style of women's office wear suits your personality – smart, casual or feminine – the most effective way to express your uniqueness is by adding a statement piece.Focus on one item of your outfit or your look that will help you to stand out without breaking the dress code. It could be a pair of heels, a piece of jewellery or doing something special with your hair, lips or nails.

It's best to limit statement pieces to a single item. Any more than that, and you could draw attention for the wrong reasons.

Sophisticated or casual?

Why can't you be both? You wouldn't wear your slouching Sunday clothes to the office, but (depending on your employer) you might be able to get away with casual accessories or even jeans if you make sure to balance the casual with a smart shirt or blouse, blazer and heels.

Professional or feminine?

Again, why can't you be both? Heels are the simplest way to add feminine grace to your office ensemble, which can be enhanced further with flowing blouses or office wear dresses. If you want to wear knee-length skirts, these pair perfectly with blazers.

Dress for all seasons

Even if your office is climate controlled for year-round comfort, your work wardrobe needs to be flexible enough to handle the changing of the seasons. Pile on insulated jackets and smart scarves in the winter and go sleeveless in the summer to keep you comfortable on trips to and from the office and on your lunch breaks.

More women's office wear tips

Whether you're choosing blouses or shirts, skirts or pants, jackets or accessories, keep these office fashion tips in mind:

  • Get the perfect fit – Whether you're ordering office wear for yourself or for your team, make sure you provide the right measurements. Every item you wear needs to be the right fit, from clothing to glasses.
  • Avoid bright colours – Bright and neon colours make you stand out in the wrong way. It's like you're yelling for attention across the office.
  • Avoid bling – You can make a great impression with jewellery and accessories, but these shouldn't be showy or gaudy, and they definitely shouldn't make noise when you move.
  • Don't dress provocatively – You want to be respected in the office, so it's always advisable to avoid plunging necklines and short hems that can give the wrong impression.

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