How to choose the best corporate uniform for your team?

 If you're debating whether you should introduce a uniform in your business, or you're not satisfied with your current uniform and you're looking to make a change, learning why team uniforms are so important should help you to decide. Find out how custom team uniforms benefit your business, your customers and your staff and get started designing unique workwear that fits your brand.

Why are team uniforms so important?

Work uniforms are found in every industry, from retail uniforms that help customers identify staff members to medical uniforms designed to be practical and hygienic. Corporate uniforms can serve different purposes in different situations, but there are a some common benefits shared by all:

  • Team uniforms promote your brand – If your corporate clothing features your brand logo, or even your brand colours, you're building recognition every time someone sees an employee wearing it.
  • Team uniforms promote equality – Uniforms are a great equaliser. Your staff may occupy different levels in the chain of command, but when they're all dressed in the same uniform, there's a greater sense of team spirit.
  • Team uniforms promote loyalty – When your employees associate themselves with your brand, they're more likely to feel positively about it. When they wear your uniform or branded accessories in public, they become brand ambassadors.
  • Team uniforms make things easier – When everyone's wearing your neat uniform, you won't have to police employees wearing inappropriate clothing or worry about anyone looking untidy. 

How to choose your team uniforms
There's no point to uniforms if they look the same as everyone else's. To make your brand stand out, you need a unique uniform design that matches your company's personality – while not being so outlandish that you forget about the basics. When you're picking the items you like from a corporate clothing range, you should think about:

  • Cost – Does your budget stretch to all the uniforms you need to buy? You shouldn't settle for low quality uniforms to save money, but you might not need some extra features.
  • Comfort – Will this uniform be comfortable for your team to wear all day, every day?
  • Practicality – Will this uniform have an impact on your team's ability to do their jobs? Does it offer the protection they need? Is it easy for them to maintain?
  • Colour – Find the colour scheme that matches your brand or sets the right atmosphere.
  • Style – Will your fashion-conscious team be happy wearing this uniform? If you're worried about changing fashions, you should opt for timeless style rather than the latest trends.
  • Flexibility – Is your uniform a year-round solution, or will you need to provide warm weather and cold weather variants? A more flexible uniform lets your employees express their creativity and personality while still following your dress code.


How to design team uniforms

 If you can't find the exact colours you're looking for, or certain items aren't available with your favourite features, our designers at Total Image Group can help you create custom team uniforms that satisfy your every desire. We'll even help you add your corporate logo, slogans and other details for a truly unique finish.

 Get started with your custom team uniforms   Are you ready to start designing your unique uniform solution?

Contact our team and we'll help you through every step of the design process until your new team uniforms are on their way.