What to Wear to a Job Interview Ladies

Are you looking to strike the right chord at your next corporate interview? The job market is changing and whilst you may have a striking resume, showing up looking right for the position not only gives you more confidence but leaves an impression which may ultimately set you apart from your components.

Whilst you would dress slightly differently for different industries well show you the corporate yet chic looks that would be suitable for majority of job interviews. And remember… it doesn’t matter what the job interview is for, it’s always nice to dress to impress.

OPTION 1: Wear the pants

Team a stylish black blazer, plain or print blouse with black pants/trousers - not jeans.  

OPTION 2: Sharp like a pencil

Look sharp in a silk blouse or shirt tucked in loosely to a high waisted skirt. Stick to a classic style in a neutral colour like black, navy and camel.

OPTION 3: Dress like a lady

You can’t go wrong with a simple black dress. Dress it up with a waisted belt, camel trench coat or patterned blazer. Make sure the dress does not sit higher than just above the knee. And remember, you don’t always have to wear a heel, patent flats are also a great option.   

Grooming tips:

Hair – Do not show up with wet hair or formal hair. A slick pony tail, donut bun or hair down is fine

Makeup – Keep your face as natural as possible avoid the smoky heavy eye makeup

Nails – If you want to paint your nails stick to the classics - clear, natural shade or a French tip

Key things to remember:        

Don’t try too hard - Keep your outfit simple       

Don’t go too bright - Yes you should express yourself but let your personality do the shining         

Tone it down - try to tone the sexiness down, avoid wearing miniskirts & low cut tops        

Keep your cool - Wear suitable footwear , avoid the platform stiletto pumps and wear a heel you are most comfortable in to avoid a stumbling situation