Indent Orders

Indent orders are orders that are placed for products produced offshore. It generally is for a large quantity of standard or custom made products manufactured overseas and due to the higher volumes, the price per unit is lower. 

Who should consider Indent ordering?

This can be related to people or companies who are looking for high volume orders, customised products and who have time for these products to be produced and sent over! 

This is great especially for those seeking custom designed products which involves time and planning such as for corporate gifts, uniforms, tradeshows and events or giveaways. 

Things to consider when it comes to indent orders: 

 1.     Minimum quantity: this is variable depending on product, but they do tend to be high.

 2.     Lead time: this again is also variable but generally it is from 8 - 12 weeks by sea freight or from 4-6 weeks by air freight. (Conditions apply) 

Why Choose Indent - Two main reasons for indent orders are:  

1.     Price saver: When ordering in bulk and allowing the 8-12 weeks for production and shipping, this will drive down the cost, not to mention savings in printing, embroidery and packaging. Sometimes even up to 50%. 

2.     Customisation: When off the shelf products just won’t do or you require a specific product for a campaign- ordering a unique product customised to your requirements is the way to go. Our indent service involves a full design and sampling process which means you can approve products before the final production guaranteeing you satisfaction.

So now is the time to plan for your next trade show/conference, product launch, corporate gift or Christmas gift pack, you can reap these benefits and save hard earned $$$ with this great service.