How are uniforms packaged?

 At Total Image Group, we know the importance of good packaging. That’s why every item we send out from our uniform store to our clients is securely packed and well presented to make the right impression.

We also consider the environment by avoiding the use of unnecessary materials and minimising waste, so you can be confident that your new corporate uniforms won’t cost the Earth.

Why is good packaging important? 

The packaging of an item is important physically, aesthetically and for other reasons too. There are three steps to quality packaging:

  1. Presentation

Packaging is the first thing a customer encounters when they receive an item, so it needs to be eye-catching and presentable as well as informative. Displaying the proper branding of the sender and recipient makes for an attractive and professional finish.

At TIG, our uniform service personally packs every order for our clients. We include your name or business in large text, so there will be no confusion over who it’s intended for when it arrives at your address.

  1. Protection

You need to be confident that your items will arrive in the same perfect condition they left our uniform store. That’s why we use strong, weather-resistant packaging materials to protect your clothing from the elements and keep it safe during transport.

  1. Sustainability

Environmental sustainability is a growing concern, which is why Total Image Group has moved to flat packing for all our corporate uniforms.
This has significantly reduced the amount of materials we use in our packaging process. We have eliminated the use of collar stays, excess plastic, metal pins and cardboard, reducing unnecessary materials and waste to offer you a more environmentally friendly uniform service.


How we pack your uniforms

Have you ever wondered how we get your shirts so neatly folded? Check out the video below to see how Total Image Group packed the new uniform shirts for Woolworths Supermarket, using our flat packing process to reduce the use of cardboard and plastic pins.



Every single shirt that is manufactured by Total Image Group gets folded this way – amazing right? This is after all the ticks and checks have been done by our diligent quality control (QC) team, who check each shirt throughout the manufacturing, sewing and packaging processes.

Once the shirt has been neatly folded, it gets sent to be packed and labelled. At this point, QC will again check that the item is correctly labelled, folded and packaged, ready for you to receive. The uniforms then get boxed by size and style and are stored for automated picking.


How long does delivery take?

Our uniform store processes thousands of orders every week, which are picked, packed and delivered all over Australia using the latest in efficient order management technology.

If you order unbranded uniforms from our stock range, in any custom design, colour or style of your choice, we will deliver your items within seven working days.

If you have ordered branded uniforms featuring your logo or other details, your first order can take between 13 and 19 working days to deliver as we set up your new artwork. For repeat orders, we will deliver your items between 10 and 14 working days.

Every single order is tracked from the moment we process it until the moment you receive it. We will notify you as soon as your uniforms are sent out.

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