Uniform Vs Fashion - The new Boulevard Range  

Uniform Fashions: The New Boulevard Range

We’ve been in the uniform industry for a number of years now, and we’ve seen many styles come and go. If you asked us to name the biggest difference between corporate clothing then and now, it would have to be the increasing focus on appealing uniform fashions.


What makes a fashionable uniform?

Over the past couple of years, many new players have come into the Australian uniform market – pushing the competition and the edge. Gone are the days of crepe polyester shirts leaving you feeling hot and flustered all day, boxy female suits and almost non-existent female workwear. Employers and employees across the industries have made increasing demands for high quality uniforms, and suppliers have aimed to satisfy.

This has seen the birth of fashion uniforms – corporate clothing with a fashion focus, available in more styles, options and colours than ever before. However, finding the balance between a practical uniform and fashion can still be tricky, and not every company gets it right.

Take, for example, a corporate shirt. You need the shirt to be in a colour that fits in with other corporate colours, you need it to be made from a fabric that can be worn and maintained as a uniform, and you need it to be styled to ensure your comfort all day long. What’s more, you won’t want your shirt to look dated within the next two to three years at a minimum.

 Not every uniform manufacturer can satisfy these various demands. But every once in a while, we come across a corporate uniform range that ticks all the boxes.


Enter the new Boulevard range

The Boulevard range does all this while also quietly pushing the boundary on uniform fashions. This stylish range has all the elements you’d want from fashion – luxurious fabrics, detailed styling and a varied colour palette available in green, blue, white and pink to suit every personality and corporate setting. These items are upmarket and fashionable, but most importantly, they remain uniform.

The Boulevard range includes all the corporate tops, shirts and accessories you’ll need to create a dynamic work wardrobe, whether you’re looking for:

  • short, ¾ length and long-sleeved shirts
  • ladies’ tops
  • men’s polo tops
  • matching ties, belts, scarves and cufflinks.

Customise your work wardrobe

Whatever effect you want from your work uniform, the Boulevard range gives you the freedom you need to achieve it. You can choose tops made from plain yarn-dyed fabrics and stripes or go for a lightweight polyester option that’s available in striking prints – for those who are bold enough to be anything but uniform.

The fit is a contemporary euro fit, slimmer than most regular uniform shirts to give you a sharper, tailored look. The shirting range is designed to look great whether it’s worn tucked in or out, with or without a tie, or styled with a suit.

Paired with our choice of pants or a skirt, your fashionable shirts and tops will fit comfortably into any corporate environment and keep you looking stylish in your off hours too.

Find more fashionable uniforms at Total Image Group

Check out the complete Boulevard range and more fashionable uniforms to suit every workplace at Total Image Group. We’ll even help you design custom uniforms featuring your logo for a unique look.


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