The Columbian Cyclist Naked Uniform

Uniforms are all about making an impression, however, it is the uniform design that determines the impression you leave. Sporting uniforms should inspire, represent the sport and become personal memorabilia's. The Columbian cyclist’s uniform however, left anything but. Instead, everyone was doing a double take with its controversial and revealing design.

This has got to be one of the most disturbing designs we’ve seen. The women appear naked with flesh coloured material on the torso area and upper legs. This created a stir on social media with disapproving comments, one being that the outfits were ‘unacceptable by any standards of decency’.


When there is crotch padding and spandex involved in a uniform, you run the risk of accentuating the crotch area, even more so with a design like this.

The men’s kit on the other hand was slightly more appropriate with 90% of the suit being flesh coloured, however, a rather distinctive circle design draws the eye just below the waistline.

One positive that can be seen out of all this is that at least now the Australian men's swimwear uniform designers for the Glasgow Commonwealth Games are off the hook. These uniforms also drew attention to the wrong area with a colour blocking design.