MAN TO MAN – 5 ways to Sharpen up your look

Whilst dressing well plays a key role in the way you present yourself and how adventurous your style is, there are many other ways to look appealing and sharpen up your look. These 5 ways will be easy for you to follow as you probably already follow them, you’ll just have to do them more often.



Visit your Barber more often

You probably wait until your hair is bushy and you’re able to tuck it behind your ears until you actually go and get a haircut. Visit your barber before your hair gets out of control. A sharp looking guy always looks sharp so maintain your cut.

A recent study conducted by ‘Evolution and Human Behavior Instiitute’, gathered that women overall prefer men with heavy stubble then very light stubble or full beards. However, in terms of attractiveness over 80% preferred clean shaven. So for those with an office desk job this is a thumbs up for you. 


Polish your shoes

Most men probably think women don’t look past the waist, however the condition of your shoes is very important to your overall presentation.

How far does an expensive suit, crisp shirt or sleek hair cut go if your shoes look like you found them in the gutter? Give your shoes a shine every now and then or even chuck on a new pair of laces.      


Wear suits more often

Dressing more professionally will definitely sharper your look. You don’t have to wear the full three piece suit with a waistcoat, you can even wear them separate.

Swap your jeans for suit pants when you go out next or throw on a suit jacket over a pair of chinos for a really modern look. Not only will you feel more confident you’ll leave a great first impression.


Hold more doors

Bring out your inner gentlemen. Which lady doesn’t mind been given a little extra love and care. You’ve probably heard the expression ‘I prefer a bad boy’ deep down what they mean is someone who is a little rebellious but who is mature and has a gentle side to them too when it comes to them. Next time hold open a door if you see a lady behind you or who is rushing in front of you. It may be a first for you, but it could also be a first to them.  

A gentlemen will always look sharp.          


Pick up a book

Looking great is important but holding a conversation will get you further. You may not have a lot of life lessons to draw from but you can build up your knowledge and improve your speech.

Try and read material other than your sports feed and work emails. Whether it’s the paper, an article or a book.