Did you know Hi Vis workwear standards have changed?

Whether you’re a tradie or an employer, it’s important that you keep up-to-date with the latest safety standards and developments to keep you and your employees safe.

Australia’s Hi Vis workwear standards have recently been altered, but many people are still not aware of what these changes involve. It’s essential that you know what to look for when purchasing  Hi Vis workwear online that complies with Australian Standards.

At Total Image Group, we’re committed to helping you keep your employees safe at all times and to minimise risk in your workplace. That’s why we only recommend products that meet the latest standards and our client’s’ specifications.


What are the new Hi Vis standards?

All the Hi Vis workwear you use on your site must be compliant with two standards:

  • AS/NZS4602.1. - High Visibility Garments
  • AS/NZS1906.4. - High Visibility Materials

The second standard relates to the reflective or fluorescent materials used, while the first concerns all other aspects of the uniform.

High Visibility Garments

 High visibility garments (AS/NZS4602) are categorised in three classes, depending on whether they are intended for day or night use. These are:

  • Class D: Day Use Only (minimum 0.4m² of fluorescent fabric on the upper torso)
  • Class N: Night Use Only (reflective tape applied according to standards)
  • Class D/N: Day and Night Use (combination of the above two).


High Visibility Materials

Three standards cover high visibility safety materials:

  • Class F: Fluorescent fabric for Day Use Only
  • Class R: Reflective fabric for Night Use Only
  • Class RF: Both Fluorescent and Reflective fabric for Day/Night Use.


The area of high visibility material on a polo or shirt must not be less than 0.2m, for both the front and the back. If your employees are wearing an older Hi Vis shirt or polo with less than 0.2m of material, that means your business is non-compliant with safety standards. The Hi Vis polo shirts we recommend and supply at Total Image Group are compliant with these new standards. Standards for coloured side panels have also been modified. Now, the high visibility material needs to encircle the entire circumference of the torso, which means that full side panels are no longer compliant. You should no longer use Hi Vis workwear with side panels on your work site, unless it’s strictly for promotional use.


UV Protection

If your employees will be exposed to direct sunlight during the course of their work duties, you need to make sure they’re safe with UV Protection Workwear.

These garments should have Ultraviolet Protection and must comply with Australian Standard AS/NZS4399 (UV Protection). For employees in sun exposure, the UPF rating of safety garments should be in the 40-50+ Excellent Category.


If it’s dangerous to wear polyester garments on your work site, you need to provide 100% cotton Hi Vis workwear.

Is my Hi Vis workwear compliant with the new standards?

If you’re worried that the high visibility uniforms you’ve purchased for your employees might not be compliant with the latest standards, you can obtain fully certified Australian Test Certificates for all brands and products you’ve ordered.

To make sure you only purchase high quality uniforms that satisfy all the latest requirements, browse our range of Hi Vis workwear online at Total Image Group. If you need more information about any of our products or you have other questions, speak to our team.