The TIG Brand

Total Image is…

Image Conscious. Brand Inspiring. Quality Pledged. Solutions Designer. Relationship Friendly.

Total Image is a full service uniform consultant and supplier. Total Image was founded on the basis that the uniform industry was becoming generic and mundane,

shunning on the idea of supplying the standard stock products Total Image has brought a fresh approach to uniform design. We strive on being image conscious,in our work,designs and service. Over the years we have extend beyond the conventional uniform suppliers to bring our clients a marketing experience.

Our approach to design has always been about connecting our clients brand and marketing message to their uniforms and promotional products.

Our team is inspired by brands, we immerse ourselves in your companies beliefs and vision and our aim to build a personality around your brand. 

From the beginning, the one thing we have never comprised on is our quality. We pledge that we will consistently continue to recommend and supply our clients with quality products that will stand the test of time.  Whether it be factories or suppliers we only choose to work with the best in the industry to ensure we can maintain a level of standard when it comes to quality control.

Total Image not only designs uniforms but also solutions to ensure your transition and experience with Total Image is best suited to your company. We learnt fast that not all our customers are the same. Over the years we have become specialist in various industries such as healthcare and hospitality and although there are some similarities within an industry we have a service portfolio that is diverse and flexible to suit any business model.

We work alongside our clients and have become in most instances an extension of their companies. This is mainly due to having a passionate team that is transparent in all we do. We are relationship friendly in that we welcome commitment and acknowledge in order for any relationship to work there needs to be clear communication and a mutual understanding.