How to Treat Stains

It is recommended that stained garments be taken to a professional dry cleaner for stain removal.If you decide to treat the stain yourself, the following provides some guidance. All safety precautions recommended by chemical suppliers should be followed.

Alcoholic drinks
Dab gently with an absorbent cloth to remove as muchexcess liquid as possible.Sponge the area sparingly with a mixture of warmwater and surgical spirit in equal parts.

Black Coffee Stains
Mix alcohol and white vinegar in equal parts, soak acloth in the solution and lightly dab the stained areabefore pressing gently with an absorbent cloth.

Blood Stains
Remove excess blood immediately with a damp sponge,then gently dab the area using undiluted vinegarfollowed by cold water.

Butter / Grease / Sauces
If a greasy mark forms, firstly scrape the surface of thestain with a spoon or knife to remove any excess oil.Then soak a cloth in proprietary dry cleaning fluid andgently dab the area.

Chocolate / White Coffee / Tea
Dab gently around the edge of the stain with a clothsoaked in white spirit before following instructions forblack coffee.

Egg / Milk
Dab gently with a cloth soaked in white spirit. Repeatthe action with a cloth soaked in diluted white vinegar.

Fruit / Fruit Juice / Red Wine
Immediately dab the stain with a mixture of surgicalspirit and water (3:1 ratio).

Grass Stains
Apply soap very carefully (using a mild tablet soap orflakes) or dab gently with a cloth soaked in surgicalspirit.

Ink / Ballpoint Pen
Dab gently with a cloth soaked in white spirit.Repeat the action with a cloth soaked in diluted whitevinegar or surgical spirit.

Lipstick / Make-up / Shoe Polish
Rub gently with a cloth soaked in turpentine or spotcleaning spray or fluid. Rinse with mild soapy water.

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